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SRM Consulting develops customised solutions adjusted to our clients’ needs, using proprietary tools and software to optimise their objectives and define strategies while maximising service quality.

SRM currently has a B2B technology consultancy and a map production business model plus the development of a new cutting edge technology that combines AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities BD (Big Data), LI (Location Intelligence), FMV (Full Motion Video), DaaS (Drone as a Service) and IoT (Internet of Things).


With this, we are able to offer software products and provide END2END custom solutions from fixed or moving platforms such as drones and the use of various types of sensors.

The implementation of solutions and exploitation of BIG DATA in real time is enabled by the potential of the geolocation of moving devices and the incorporation of different sensors together with the GIS module.

Through the architecture of our solutions and personalized web services in the cloud, you can provide in real time all kinds of geospatial information useful for businesses, distribution centers and even non-expert users. This way, through a simple web browser, it is possible to access massive updated data.




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