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SRM is increasingly committed to innovation and cutting-edge solutions. To this end, and with the aim of making state-of-the-art geospatial technology available to all kinds of users, we have developed ortoSky.

ortoSky represents a paradigm shift in the use of geographic information due to its problem-solving capability, being specially designed to generate a large amount of geospatial information while significantly improving product quality and achieving costs savings.

Ipsilum completes our technological platform allowing all the information, analysis and data structure generated from ortoSky to be carried to all types of users, platforms and browsers. Thanks to the flexibility of its architecture we are able to obtain information remotely from hardware devices and sensors of all types, whether fixed or in motion. We can combine and analyze it with any other available geolocation information, helping to make decisions.The synergy of our technologies positions us as an Industry Revolution 4.0 ready company.



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As a differential value, ortoSky provides the following advantages over other software in the market:

  • It integrates, in a single tool, functionalities traditionally carried out using different analysis or production software in a single project (stereoscopic restitution, data cleansing and LiDAR classification and generation of altimetric products, 2D digitisation, geoprocesses, raster analysis, execution of open-source software command line tools, export to different formats, etc.). We are currently integrating the comprehensive management of photogrammetric flights, including aerotriangulation, image matching-based 3D point cloud generation, orthophotography, etc.
  • Comprehensive management of all data sources in a single system (LiDAR, stereoscopic pairs, DTM, orthophotography, WMS, etc.).
  • 3D data capture based on GIS data models, either using stereoscopic imaging or capturing LiDAR coordinates, giving support to multiple formats and projection systems.

ortoSky blurs the line between digitisation and restitution. A GIS operator with photointerpretation skills may perform either of the two actions indistinctly without need for specific training, as in the case of conventional restitutors.



Without a doubt, one of the aspects that make the system more powerful is the integration of LiDAR information in GIS and cartographic production projects, both by filtering, classifying and generating Terrain Models and combining them with vector data for quality control or stereoscopic 2D or 3D capture.

Our software has been developed using cutting-edge 3D stereoscopic processing and visualisation technologies. Its versatility for working with large teams for executing large-area cartographic productions has enabled us to achieve optimum service levels and gain competitive edge, providing turnkey solutions.

ortoSky was initially focused on data generation, enabling non-expert users to access ortoSkyp’s capabilities thanks to the modularisation of its different components. It is currently built on a solid technological foundation whose evolution allows us to develop applications that can provide GIS functionality adapted to our clients’ needs and enables the generation of professional solutions integrated with other GIS systems, emergency systems, etc.

The power of ortoSky is complemented by ortoSkyTasker, a geoprocessing module for executing batch task sequences based on LiDar, raster or vector data. Additionally, it enables the simple and flexible integration of external open-source command line tools (gdal, SAGA, Taudem, MCC-LiDAR classification, etc.) or functions written in Python on commercial platforms such as ArcGis.

ortoSky in 3D

ortoSky as easy as

LiDAR manual classification

GIS, Power Windows synchronized - ortoSky2.0

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Ipsilum was born with the purpose of completing our technological platform allowing all the information, capacity of analysis and structuring of data generated from ortoSky can be taken to all type of users, platforms and browsers.

From Ipsilum we are developing disruptive solutions aimed at the capture and exploitation of all types of information captured from unmanned vehicles (UAVs / RPAS / Drones).

Thanks to the flexibility of Ipsilum We are able to obtain information of hardware devices of all types in remote, both fixed and moving, which allows us to create Location Intelligence solutions f high added value, being able to combine this information with any other available with spatial component, being able to be exploited to the maximum by any type of users.



software SRM


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