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Ipsilum integrate news technologies

Ipsilum technology provides access to non-experts users of the latest technologies such as Location Intelligence, georeferenced video, artificial intelligence, drone as a service, with open information contributions through GeoCrowdsourcing. Please …

GeomotionVideo and OrtoSky FAQs

Now it’s available the Frecuently Asked Questions about GeomotionVideo and ortoSky software. Don’t doubt to contact us for any question you have. Please follow and like us:


At last we can show you virtual tour to drone Expo most relevant in our country, with more than forty participants. Thanks to GEOMOTION VIDEO. Enjoy it!   Please …

Georreferencing EXPODRONICA

Pilar and Héctor works programming in the expo path to show GEOMOTIONVIDEO in action. This week we will show you the result! Please follow and like us:

GeoMotionVideo in action

Thanks to all expositors that collaborate with SRM in EXPODRONICA virtual tracking. Next week, we will publish the results. Please follow and like us: