Aerial observation for hard access from land.

For industrial proyects, specially in lineal infrastructure, it can make it inspection tasks, pueden realizarse tareas de inspección, supervision and remote segurity by drones with enought capacity and autonomy, where is not necesary that technical people will be in site, like pilot, so it is possible to evaluate system capture information allocate in cloud or internet, reducing personal trip costs to monitoring the proyect.

In adition with this kind of services, it is possible to access dangerous zones for technical people in engineering proyects.

Because of hug knowledge in cloudmapping from GIS, you can storage all the data. So, it is possible to offer drone to end solutions,  in order to automate the production line, and using LiDAR technology, getting remoted images from UAVs, Digital Model Terrain (MDT), thermical images, 3D mesh, etc. And always keeping an historical georreferencing information.

This kind of proyects are doing habitually, but with helicopters or very expensive sensors. So, our technology cut prices on this proyects.

If you have all of these… why don’t to supervise all construction phase regularly? With our solution this is possible.