OrtoSky is an integrated system that allows visualization, capture, edition and analysis of digital geographical information in a wide range of formats (vector cartography, orthoimages, 3D stereoscopic images, digital elevation models and Lidar Data) in a friendly, efficient and easy-to-use interface.

OrtoSky allows the simultaneous use of 2D, 3D and stereoscopic 3D data on a unique window in a easy, natural and intuitive way for the operator. This capacity of combining 3D data with 2D data has -among other advantages-, the possibility of getting a realistic representation and interpretation of the 3D geographic information, this kind of information is the one that is being spread more quickly.

OrtoSky is a brand new solution that has been thought and designed by professional experts in the field of cartographic production and geographical information processing. This experience has been transformed into tools and functions that solve the majority of the problems found in the operator’s workflow, besides, the most common tasks are simplified form a new perspective in the processing and cartographic production.

Nowadays, every organization has got a wide set of data stored in their respositories. Some of them are distributed using services oriented technologies, although others can not be distributed in the correct way, essentiallly because of the lack of systems that allow their processing. Paradoxically, the data that should be more appreciated by final users, as stereoscopic images and LiDAR data (the data that is used as base information for the generation of different products) is not available or it can only be visualized via web. Ortosky comes up with the philosophy of making available to normal users very high quality information, making a strong effort in the investigation and develpment of new utilities that allows the usage by a wider number of users, as it does in other high-tech industries.

OrtoSky allows edition and processing of different kinds of vector or raster data (orthoimages, stereoscopic pairs, DTM/DSM, LiDAR data) can be made jointly on the same interface in its native format.

OrtoSky uses the most modern and easy-to-use navigation devices available on the market, allowing an easy and intuitive use of the system. The fact of using low cost and accessible peripheral devices allows human resources departments to concentrate the efforts in the recruitment of experts in their areas of interest instead of high-specialized experts in very complex capture devices (such a bulky 3D mouses or photogrammetric cranks).

The data can be visualized in synchronized 2D, 3D, stereoscopic 3D and hypsometric profiles windows in OrtoSky. One example of this situation can be the superimposition and simultaneous visualization of
a stereoscopic pair, the DTM used to generate orthoimages, the orthoimage and vector data captured over any of the previous sources.

Simultaneous 3D vector data and LIDAR data visualization make us able to identify in an intuitive and easy way the quality of the captured data. This way, even using a non-expert operator and low-performance computers the quality control can be carried out. Other systems require the use of expert operators and powerful processing machines .

Integrated Environment

A wide range of different read only formats or editable formats can be integrated in OrtoSky, without changing them to a local format . OrtoSky represents the data in the coordinate system that has been established in the workspace using a transformation on-the-fly with no need of modifying the original data. This characteristic gives an important flexibility while working, making the management of the reference systems very simple for the operator.
The facility of representing the information in the different possible ways available in OrtoSky makes this an ideal system for a wide range of applications such as cartographic generation and production, quality control, increased reality solutions, emergency systems, managements of coasts and flood areas, integrated processing with other multipurpose systems…