What is IPSILUM? It consists in a complete web environment in which users can integrate, store, edit, analyse, share and show georeferenced information by means of several tools that allow them to create interactive enquiries, analyse spatial information, edit data and maps, and present the results of all of these operations.

Each user can customize and share their own reports and their data management according to their requirements, using a layer system.


IT COMPOUNDS 3 elements THAT it could works as a package or in a suite:


IAS is our own software for the planification and cartographic mission tracking from drones.

With IAS WEB you can command the drone from a smartphone, a tablet or remotely from office desktop, even if you are hundreds of kilometers.

Also we offer IAS-Ground Station with more user security, with more encription protocol, and actually used by military.

IPSILUM CLOUD allow to make previous mission planification and remoted fly supervision, just sharing a web link and so access to all operation.
IPSILUM CORE is a full environment web that the user can integrate, storage, edit, analyze, share and show the georreferencing information, with tools that allows to users make interactive consults, analyze spatial information, edit data, maps and to show all the results.

Cada usuario personaliza y comparte sus propios informes y gestión de los datos en función de sus necesidades y con un sistema de capas.