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full license

I want full ortoSky

>> Capture 2D-3D in several different GIS formats (mdb, Shp, PersonalGdb, PostgreSQL,…)

>> Raster conexions, WMS

>> Combination of traditional fotogrametic proyects and drones

>> Automatic charge of the stereoscopic pairs of multi-flight large-scale projects

>> Vectorial edition in 3D

>> Edition and clasification of LIDAR points

>> Treatment of point clouds and generation of trees of point clouds

>> Stereo photogrammetric 3D station

>> Indoor routing



FREE one week trial license

FREE one week trial

>> Try the complete license one week

>> We provide documentation with a tutorial, videos and example data to perform the trial

Ipsilum Aerial Solution (IAS)

I want Ipsilum solutions

>> Ipsilum Ground Station (IGS)

>> Ipsilum Augmented reality

>> Flybrid Maps (FBM) *

>> WarTime Suitcase (WTS) *

* Coming soon


Plan your flight for FREE

>> Plan the flight for your drone for FREE

>> Save the mission flights

>> Multidevice and multiplatform

How to plan flights with Ipsilum

Servicios DaaS End2End

(Drone as a Service)

Generic cartographic products

I want to hire services

>> Orthoimages, points cloud, DEM

>> Estereoscopic pairs, mapping production under demand …

OPTION A – We process your flight data
OPTION B – We develop the complete service

Precision agriculture

Hire our services

>> Orthoimages, points cloud, DEM, NDVI

>> Different types of maps on demand, as recommended doses, weeds maps, remote sensing, satellite images, …

OPTION A – We process your flight data
OPTION B – We develop the complete service

Select your area in Ipsilum

>> Enter Ipsilum and select the area where you would like to perform your service

How to select flight areas with Ipsilum

Industrial Inspections

Please contact us

>> Customized work

>> Georeferenced video Full Motion Video (FMV) *

* Coming soon

Defense, security and emergency management

Please contact us

>> Customized services according with your specifications

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