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SRM offers END2END solutions for both mapping and georeferenced information from fixed or moving platforms, such as drones and the use of various types of sensors, in 3 sectors:

A) Precision Agriculture
B) Industrial inspections in linear infrastructures
C) Defense, security and emergency management

Precision Agriculture

One of the most outstanding is crop surveillance, more precisely the denominated “Presicion Agriculture”, which works to optimize the management of a plantation and to evaluate more accurately the optimal density of planting; It also makes decisions regarding the use of fertilizers, frequency of irrigation and other possibilities, and predicts more accurately crop production.


Other common uses may be agricultural subsidies, generation of crop inventories, evaluation of indexes related to their quality, water stress detection for efficient water management, detection of nutritional stress for optimum use of fertilizers, control and supervision of fumigated areas, etc.


All this is possible from end2end solutions in which the farmer does not have to worry about which flight system to acquire, neither learn how to handle it together with different and complex softwares. It is only required a simple order of the product and the information the customer wants to obtain.

We offer the necessary technology from both platforms and sensors to obtain key land information to optimize agricultural production and reduce production costs, such as water saving, indicating which areas need more irrigation and which do not, where to put more fertilizers, pesticides, even being able to measure the height of the plants, etc.


In conclusion,we provide solutions to specific problems, based on both our own and our clients experience, experts in the field and in collaboration with the best universities.

Defense, security and emergency management

The modular implementation of our technology and the integration of information from different platforms and sensors, both fixed and in motion, generates solutions tailored to the needs of our clients in different aspects related to Security and Defense.


The exploitation of the geospatial information enables to develop tailored systems and helps support State institutions in its fight against illegal activities (drug trafficking, illegal immigration, illegal fishing..),support in humanitarian missions, command and control systems, intelligence, border control and critical infrastructures, surveillance, etc.


With the integration of different Ipsilum modules (AR augmented reality, FMV Full Motion Video, IGS Ipsilum Ground Station, etc) we offer offer important solutions that help this sector, such as the time improvement of an intervention, to accurately depict any event, intervention planning and remote monitoring, to create multisensory systems both terrestrial and airborne remote management, to analyze information efficiently, etc.


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Industrial inspections in linear infrastructures

In industrial projects, especially in linear infrastructures, inspection, supervision and vigilance tasks can be carried out, remotely controlled from drones with sufficient capabilities and autonomy, where it is not necessary that the technical team is in the work area or installation, although it requires the pilot presence. The information captured by the system can be distributed from the cloud or the internet, minimizing staff transport costs for project monitoring.


We can access not accessible or dangerous areas for technical staff in engineering works.

We also add the extensive knowledge in point cloud management, such as LiDAR, and its management from a GIS system to store all available information.


Why should we not bring the reality in 3D of the progress and status of the work and check it periodically? This question had no answer until a few years ago, and it is currently possible with our solutions.

It is also possible to offer ‘beginning to end’ solutions, to automate fieldwork and using LiDAR; to remotely image from drones, to produce digital elevation models, thermal imagery, 3D capturing of electrical cables, preserving a history of the progress of a project with all georeferenced information, etc.


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