ORTOSKY 3.0 will be announced in GLOBAL ROBOT EXPO 2018

In Global Robot Expo -the international exhibition on robotics in Madrid-, we will announcing own software ORTOSKY 3.0 an integrated system that allows visualization, capture, edition and analysis of digital geographical information in a wide range of formats (vector cartography, orthoimages, 3D stereoscopic .images, digital elevation models and LIDAR data) in a friendly, efficient and easy-to-use interface.
OrtoSky allows the simultaneous use of 2D, 3D and stereoscopic 3D data on a unique window in a easy, natural and intuitive way for the operator. This capacity of combining 3D data with 2D data has, among other advantages, the possibility of getting a realistic representation and interpretation of the 3D geographic information, this kind of information is the one that is being spread more quickly .

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