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Georeferenced videos

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Other Ipsilum components

GeoMotionVideo is one of the components of Ipsilum, here are others

Ipsilum Core

The Ipsilum platform is modularized, being the heart of this the Ipsilum Core module, which integrates all the basic functionality of storage, user management, geoprocessing, Artificial Intelligence and information structuring with spatial component

  • Manages web and desktop components
  • Metadata management
  • Ready to handle large volumes of information

On Core all the advanced functionalities are developed, such as Artificial Intelligence, advanced geoprocesses and the ability to integrate other platforms such as the Internet of Things platform and Smart cities FIWARE with which Ipsilum is fully integrated from the core, allowing to take the best of both worlds.

Ipsilum core component, imagen decorativa

Ipsilum maps

IMaps allows you to create and share dashboards, maps and information associated with them in an easy and intuitive way for all types of users.

  • Geoprocesses and computational intelligence functionalities
  • Advanced annotation management
  • Publishing to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a public or private cloud, or a mixed architecture
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ortoSky is Ipsilum's module for cartographic production; integrates from different sources of information, both vector and raster.

ortoSky allows the joint editing and exploitation, in the same visualization environment, of different types of raster or vector cartographic data (orthoimages, stereoscopic pairs, MDT/S and LIDAR data) in native format

Flight control of UAVs/ drones

  • GeoMedia files, shapefiles, DWG, PostGis, GML, KML, WMTS services...
  • Multi-device and cross-platform
  • Flight control of UAVs/ drones and management of on-board sensors remotely
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Ipsislum Aerial Solution

Ipsilum Aerial Solution -IAS- comprehensively solves the problem of planning and execution of flights on unmanned vehicles, allowing the monitoring, management and sending of orders remotely to the field station, so that the request for the execution of remote flight orders can be made that must only be validated and accepted by the pilot in the field, after supervision

Our experience in Smart environments, with three products certified in the Fiware marketplace, and in Geographic Information Technologies, allows SRM Consulting to offer a comprehensive service in precision agriculture projects, which includes:

  • Data collection in the field
  • Geoprocessing and storage of information
  • Publication of results
  • Remote or teamwork

With Ipsilum we can combine high-resolution images (from satellites, drone, multispectral ...), observations from sensors in the field and manual collection data, all in real time

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GeoMotionVideo pushes the boundaries of geospatial analysis

  • Coordinates emergency teams in real time
  • Promote tourist destinations
  • Add georeferenced annotations of any kind
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