We are leaders in geospatial solutions and technology. Specialists in the analysis and management of Geographic Information, we offer services and solutions to help our clients solve their problems effectively. Our solutions apply to a variety of people, from the environment or spatial planning, to tourism, emergency management or industrial and infrastructure inspection

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Working with disruptive technologies allows us to implement competitive and global solutions

We are involved in one of the main technological trends of recent years such as the creation of digital twins. We are also aligned in the National Strategy of Artificial Intelligence ENIA, we collaborate with different Spanish Technology Centers and we participate in different projects of Innovative Public Procurement

Upcoming objectives

National Artificial Intelligence Strategy ENIA

The core element of a key national R&D&I vision aimed at fostering the development and use of AI in Spain, increasing investment, reinforcing excellence in AI technologies and applications, and strengthening collaboration between the public and private sectors

Innovative Public Procurement

Participating in projects at national and regional level on the application of AI to earth observation, the creation of an environmental information infrastructure or Deep Learning and Integration of Territorial Hydrometeorological Information

Dynamizers of the processes of technological change in the geospatial field from the generation and dissemination of knowledge


We work to create synergies around Geographic Information Technologies (TIG) with research centers through their collaboration with the company

Collaboration Technology Centers

We actively collaborate with different centers such as Gradiant (Centro Tecnolóxico de Telecomunicacións de Galicia), AIR Instituto de la Universidad de Valladolid, ICE (Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de la Junta de Castilla y León), ITAGRA.CT (Centro Tecnológico Agrario y Agroalimentario), tGIS transporte infraestructuras y territorio (Grupo de investigación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid) etc.

Development of new products and services

We started developing on third-party software

Development of technological solutions with high added value on platforms and software of third parties, which, together with our deep knowledge of data, has allowed us to deepen the capabilities and problems of each of them. We have been partnering for many years with two of the main players in the geospatial market, Intergraph (Hexagon Geospatial) and ESRI

Integrated solutions

Today we develop our own technological platform, Ipsilum, and we are immersed in the deployment of the platform focused on the creation and integration of solutions on a single operational platform

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Virtual PV

The tool for the integral planning of photovoltaic infrastructures

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Our technology

We develop software to solve geospatial problems



Ipsilum, the cloud technology platform for the management and analysis of geospatial information



The tool that revolutionized cartographic production

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Management of georeferenced videos. Videos can come from drone flights or videos captured on other devices


Virtual PV

The tool for the integral planning of photovoltaic infrastructures

Ipsilum Aerial Drone

Ipsilum Aerial

Planning and execution of flights on unmanned vehicles, management of drone fleets, remote control from the office

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Kit Digital

Check out our KitDigital solutions for SMBs with websites with geovisor, process management, business and analytics


The tool for the integral planning of photovoltaic infrastructures

  • Georeferenced videos
  • Videos captured from drones, mobiles, GoPro, vehicles...
  • Create dynamic and multimedia annotations
  • Deferred or real-time sharing (streaming)
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If you care about GEO, we have solutions for your business


Get ready to achieve an interactive and dynamic cartographic base, which allows the research team to work on environmental studies in a way never seen before

  • With easy-to-access cartographic tools and simple interface
  • Collaboration between research teams using common data
  • You can send generated databases to collaborating teams so that they can add their own information

With Ipsilum, facilities are provided for the development of field work. The exact geolocation of the study area includes the possibility of annotating the map itself and adding new information, such as photos or videos. In this way, all the relevant content is stored avoiding possible loss of information

Ipsilum Core components


In SRM Consulting we have created GeoMotionVideo, a tool based on video and geolocation, which brings a new point of view to the tourist destination, applying interactive, dynamic and innovative tools

Teach, inform, share. Inspire your potential visitors by sharing your tourist destination with georeferenced videos of your destination and make them live the place and identify with it before traveling

  • Interactive atlases. Organize the information and incorporate videos recorded from a drone, with a camera in a car, with the mobile phone ..., georeferenced in one or different maps
  • Different layers of information. Thematic maps, photographs, descriptions of points of interest, even with streaming video broadcasts
  • In cloud. Complete information is stored in the cloud and can be consulted from any device with internet access
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Geolocated and real-time information is basic in emergency management

Ipsilum and its various components, such as GeoMotionVideo, provide key functionalities in emergency management, such as the geolocation of assets or the ease of sharing information in real time, facilitating the work of civil protection in all its phases

In SRM Consulting, using drones as a work tool, a global perspective of the emergency is obtained, providing high resolution images and videos. Ipsilum is easily scalable and its development by modules allows it to adapt to each territory

  • Real-time information
  • Distributed teams
  • Dashboards
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What is not measured cannot be managed; to measure is to know and that knowledge is indispensable for a profitable production in the field.

Our experience in Smart environments, with three products certified in the Fiware marketplace, and in Geographic Information Technologies, allows SRM Consulting to offer a comprehensive service in precision agriculture projects, which includes:

  • Data collection in the field
  • Geoprocessing and data storage
  • Publication of results
  • Remote or team working

With Ipsilum we can combine high-resolution images (from satellites, drone, multispectral ...), observations from sensors in the field and manual collection data, all in real time

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Since the beginning of operations in 2004, it has been one of our main lines of business, with great references in projects of all types of territory management. From the aspect of cartographic production, as in the treatment and exploitation of data of all kinds, both from satellite images, conventional aircraft, from airplanes, drones or HAPS

SRM is an approved drone operator by AESA. We have a fleet of 5 different platform models

  • Cartographic production
  • Application of GIS techniques for the preparation of territorial studies
  • Territorial Information Systems
  • Aerial work. Thanks to our innovative solution FlyBridMaps we can cover wider capture areas where drones can not be used well for legal reasons or because it is a large capture area
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Industrial inspection

The inspection or control of infrastructures with drones allows a faster and safer workflow, avoiding the displacement of personnel in dangerous or inaccessible areas and reducing the number of hours of work necessary to perform the inspection

Advantages of industrial and infrastructure inspection with Ipsilum:

  • End-to-end solutions, automating field work
  • Integration of georeferenced information with reports and annotations, videos, licenses... on a single open platform
  • Integral service with data collection, obtaining remote images from drones (LiDAR, aerial photo, thermographic ...), combination with other sources, such as Digital Elevation Models (MDE), alphanumeric information ..., geolocation and analysis and publication or access according to roles
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At SRM we are present in different sectors, offering real solutions to geospatial problems

Inteligencia Artificial Solutions SRM Consulting

Artificial intelligence

Recognition and segmentation of cartographic objects with AI
Smart Cities Solutions SRM Consulting

Smart Cities

ntegrated solutions with the FIWARE platform
Solutions Indoor SRM Consulting


Geolocation and management of people and assets indoors
Territorio Solutions. SRM Consulting


Geolocation and management of people and assets indoors
Colaborative Solutions. SRM Consulting


Geolocation and management of people and assets indoors
Defense Solutions. SRM Consulting


Monitoring and planning of remote drone flight missions


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At SRM Consulting we strive every day to offer innovative solutions to companies. Contact us for more information about our services


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