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The activities to be carried out in the maintenance/operation of roads, necessary to ensure safe and smooth traffic on them, are usually divided into several groups, depending on their objectives and the deadlines for action

Conservation Activities (Inventory + Inspection)

Its function is to keep the inventory items present on the road in the best possible condition over time. In addition, they require an annual schedule (of the elements to be preserved), and a daily execution (conservation tasks to be carried out). Ipsilum Roads/Inspector allows you to manage inventory

Pavement rehabilitation activities

Its function is to ensure that the road surface is in an optimal state for circulation, and to indicate the actions to be taken to correct defective areas. They require annual programming and sporadic execution (of the elements of the road surface to be corrected)

Highway administration activities

Intended to facilitate, or in any case make possible at all times, the operation of vehicles on the existing infrastructure, in adequate conditions of safety and fluidity. They require real-time decision-making and immediate execution

Road Safety Improvement Activities

Aimed at knowing the most problematic areas of the road (where the most accidents occur), in order to be able to take the measures that reduce them. They require an annual planning of the actions to be taken


Ipsilum Roads makes it possible to unify all tasks and activities under a single, distributed, scalable cloud environment

Centralization, structuring and geolocation of information

Ipsilum Roads allows you to georeference videos and images, as well as include real-time annotations, facilitating interaction between users in the field and in the office

User access management

Possibility of defining different profiles for administrator, developer, Technical Advisor, EPCist, etc. Functionalities for monitoring the number of times a document has been opened, opening day and person, etc.

Resource savings

Technical and humans

Intelligent data management

Ipsilum Roads has a geospatial hub with the largest database of the territory designed for the selection and search of photovoltaic sites. Artificial Intelligence tools for the identification of power lines and other obstacles

Augmented Reality Simulations

Augmented Reality simulations for commercial purposes, based on different layouts. Before the road is built. Once the road is built, a digital twin of the installation can be made

Integration of topographic surveys

The (optional) contracting of topographic surveys / Smart Topographic Data allows for automatic hydrology surveys, measurements, longitudinal profiles, use of georeferenced videos, etc.


Road management in a graphic, intuitive and collaborative way

Operational efficiency

Transfer of ordered information between different profiles, avoiding endless questions and answers. Always have all the up-to-date information from any location without having to install any application

Cost reduction

Avoiding redundant field visits, saving time

Decision-making support

Agile management of information exchange and real-time interaction with other users are essential elements that facilitate effective decision-making. The ability to exchange information quickly and efficiently ensures that relevant data is available when it is needed. In addition, real-time interaction with colleagues and experts allows for collaboration, discussion, and knowledge sharing


Share all the information about your projects through customizable dashboards without the need for programming

More productivity. More tools. More control.
All geographic, alphanumeric and multimedia information in a collaborative environment


Ipsilum Roads is the cloud platform to centralize all related information in smart road management. From the creation of geometry and inventory registration to the preparation of BIM projects and the creation of digital twins that help us prevent mobility problems and carry out intermodality simulations or feasibility studies

  • Smart Topographic Data

    A previous service of capture and advanced processing of the topographic information of the area where the plant will be installed. SRM offers the possibility of performing this service through drones using multiple types of sensors (visible spectrum, thermographic, Laser/LiDAR, multispectral), for a lower price than a standard topographic market and a much greater range

  • Availability of information from different sources, both public and private, and structured throughout the national territory

  • Ipsilum Roads can be run on any mobile device. Through a simple QR code, all the updated information is available, in collaborative mode and in any location. This functionality allows you to remotely assess the characteristics of the terrain

  • Cloud-native technology, allows user management, provides level of access to published information and platform data interaction

  • Complete set of tools for managing geographic information of point clouds, profiles, etc., including stereoscopic pairs and photogrammetric restitution


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