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The tool for integrated planning of photovoltaic infrastructures

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In the planning of photovoltaic projects...


Organize and share information

Example of information integration with geolocalized timelapse video

Virtual PV


The pre-planning and planning of photovoltaic installations is a complex process that faces different difficulties

Large volume of information

n Due Diligence processes, project sales, EPC tenders, etc., it is necessary that the information is shared unidirectionally from the developer/Technical Advisor/investor to the interested party, in a structured, synthetic and centralized way in a single platform

Different access profiles

Inefficient information transfer between different profiles (investors, technical advisors, developers, EPCists, etc.) Endless Q&A resulting from misunderstandings and uncoordinated and inefficient information transfer

Site visits

Loss of time in carrying out technical field visits to check site characteristics


Lack of a tool to perform high precision measurement operations, to calculate shadows, etc., which avoids having to go to the field

Restrictions and conditions

Lack of a tool that groups together all the constraints to be considered at a given site and allows new ones to be added dynamically

Project virtualization

Lack of a tool that simulates a twin of a given location with an accurate


Centralization, structuring and geolocation of information

Virtual PV allows geo-referencing videos and images, as well as including real-time annotations, facilitating interaction between users in the field and in the office

User access management

Possibility of defining different profiles for administrator, developer, Technical Advisor, EPCist, etc. Functionalities for monitoring the number of times a document has been opened, opening day and person, etc.

Resource savings

Technical and human

Intelligent data management

Virtual PV has a geospatial hub with the largest database of the territory designed for the selection and search of photovoltaic sites. Artificial Intelligence tools for the identification of power lines and other obstacles

Augmented Reality Simulations

Augmented Reality simulations for commercial purposes, based on different layouts. Before the plant is built). Once the plant is built, a digitized twin of the installation can be made

Integration of topographic surveys

The (optional) contracting of topographic surveys / Smart Topographic Data allows for automatic hydrology surveys, measurements, longitudinal profiles, use of georeferenced videos, etc.


Planning and management of photovoltaic parks in a graphic, intuitive and collaborative way

Operational efficiency

Orderly transfer of information between different profiles, avoiding endless questions and answers

Cost reduction

Avoiding financial compensation, avoiding field visits and saving time

Decision-making support

With GeoMotionVideo for geolocation of videos and real-time interaction with other users


Dashoboard and dynamic atlases

More productivity. More tools. More control.
All geographic, alphanumeric and multimedia information in a collaborative environment


Ipsilum Virtual PV is the cloud platform to centralize all information related to site search, feasibility studies, purchase and sale, development and construction of photovoltaic plants

  • Smart Topographic Data

    A previous service of capture and advanced processing of the topographic information of the area where the plant will be installed. SRM offers the possibility of performing this service through drones using multiple types of sensors (visible spectrum, thermographic, Laser/LiDAR, multispectral), for a lower price than a standard topographic market and a much greater range

  • Availability of information from different sources, both public and private, and structured throughout the national territory. The tool allows to perform a land analysis and dynamically evaluate according to a weighting of variables in order to facilitate the search for locations, the development and construction of infrastructure. The system dynamically includes technical and administrative restrictions (power lines, slope analysis, protected areas, etc.)

  • Virtual PV can be run on any mobile device. Through a simple QR code, all the updated information is available, in collaborative mode and in any location. This functionality allows to remotely evaluate the characteristics of the terrain through a virtual visit, which saves time and resources as well as the constant interaction between office and field personnel

  • Cloud-native technology, allows user management, provides level of access to published information and platform data interaction. Especially interesting in sales processes, Due Diligence and bidding processes, facilitating the exchange of information owner-investor/Advisor/ EPCista, where the owner uses the platform and can manage access permissions, viewing and editing of documents to share in a simple way

  • Photovoltaic Power Potential
    Substations Locator
    Locator plant
    Measurement of distances, volumes, generation of z-profiles, etc.
    Generation of Augmented Reality simulations and virtual reality videos


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